Let's Pay RENT
Season 2, Episode 10
Air Date February 29, 2012
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"Be My Valentine"
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Let's Pay RENT is the tenth episode of Season 2 in Glee: A New Beginning. It aired on February 25, 2012. Was written by ArpickgLeeker.

Plot Edit

It starts with Penny, Caro and Charlie in the hospital. Charlie, I can't believe it. Caro, What? That Jade is not pregnant? Charlie, I can't believe that for a minute I thought I will be a father, and I can't believe Jade passed out in a bathroom. Penny, Daily four girls pass out in that bathroom. Charlie, Really? Penny, Yeah. Jade's parents get in the hospital. Charlie, Oh my God, is this a good moment to lie? Caro, I don't think so. Charlie, Thank you. Mr. Weaters, Charlie what happened? Charlie, Mr. Weaters, I have to tell you something, it is really important. Mrs. Weaters, Where is my daughter, I want to see her. Mr. Weaters, Honey take it easy, Charlie will explain us what happened. Charlie, I have to be honest with you, the week you came, we... I took out Jade's virginity. Mr. Weaters, What?! When did that happened? Charlie, You were out, and I'm sorry. Mrs. Weaters, Jade is pregnant? Charlie, Thanks God, she isn't, Caro and Penny gave her a pregnancy test and it was negative, and now that we are here the doctor made some exams and she's not pregnant. Mr. Weaters, It's ok, I knew sooner or later it will happen, and I'm happy it was with you and no another guy. Charlie, Thank you. Penny gets by. Penny, The doctor says you can see her now. Charlie, Ok. Caro, Charlie, I'm sorry, but she doesn't want to see you.


Will gets in the Choir Room. Will, Last week of rehearsals, actually last three days of rehearsals. Abi, Yay! Will, Jade, welcome back. Jade, I didn't left a lot of time, it was just the wekend. Charlie gets in the Choir Room. Will, Charlie! I just wanted to tell you congratulations, Valentine's dance was awesome. Charlie, Really? It was horrible to me. Chuck, Really horrible. Luke, Chuck? Chuck, Sorry. Charlotte, Mr. Schue, I know the openning night, but I want to make some extra roles. Will, For what? Charlotte, You know, if someone doesn't feel good or something happens, there will be some other guys to play their roles. Will, That's an awesome idea Charlotte! Luke, It was my idea. Charlotte, What? Luke, Nevermind. Will, So for the ones that doesn't have a role in the play, you're welcome to be the extras. Penny, Awesome! The bell rings. Charlie stops Jade. Charlie, Jade what happen? Jade, I'm sorry, I know it was stupid not to let you see me in the hospital, but is that, I thought it was all my fault, I thought you will break up with me? Charlie, Why? Because there where possibilities of you being pregnant? Jade, Yeah. Charlie, Jade, how many songs telling you I will never let you have I sung to you? Jade, I lost the count. Charlie, And you think all those words were just words? Those words are all my feelings. Jade, Charlie I'm sorry. Charlie, I'm sorry too.

Caro and Abi were singing it in the openning night.

Abi: Every single day
I walk down the street
I hear people say,
“Baby’s so sweet”

Ever since puberty
Everybody stares at me
Boys, girls
I can’t help it baby

So be kind
And don’t lose your mind
Just remember
That I’m your baby

Caro: Take me for what I am,
Who I was meant to be

Abi: And if you give a damn

Take me baby or leave me

Abi: Take me baby or leave me

Caro: A tiger in a cage
Can never see the sun
This diva needs her stage
Baby, let’s have fun!

You are the one I choose
Folks would kill to fill your shoes
You love the limelight too, now baby

So be mine
And don’t waste my time
Cryin’, “Oh Honeybear
Are you still my, my, my baby?”

Abi: Take me for what I am

Caro: Who I was meant to be

And if you give a damn

Caro: Take me baby or leave me

No way, can I be what I’m not

Abi: But hey, don’t you want your girl hot?

Caro: Don’t fight, don’t lose your head

Abi: ‘Cause every night, who’s in your bed?

Caro: Who, who’s in your bed?

Abi: Kiss, pookie

That’s it!

Abi: The straw that breaks my back

I quit!

Caro: Unless you take it back


Abi: What is it about them?

Can’t live with them or without them!

Take me for what I am

Caro: Who I was meant to be

Abi: Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn

Caro: And if you give a damn ya better
Take me baby or leave me

Abi: Oh, take me baby or leave me

Take me baby
Or leave me

Guess I’m leaving
I’m gone!

Later Penny and Mark were at the Lima Bean. Penny, Mark I know I have apoplogized a lot of times, but I'm sorry for letting you dancing alone. Mark, There's no problem I know the reasons. Penny, Wow, I have the feeling that this will be a really crazy and hard. Mark, Really? Penny, Yeah, I feel we will have a lot of surprises or something. Mark, Like what? Penny, I don't know, but you know I have a little autism and I think it has some influence. Mark, I think I know one of the surprises. Penny, Really? Mark, Yeah, close your eyes. Mark kisses Penny. Penny, Why did you do that. Mark, I did it because I think I'm in love again. Penny, That's so beautiful. Penny starts crying. Mark, What? Did I do something wrong? Penny, No is that I never thought this moment will come, I never thought someone will say that to me. Mark, Come on, you're really, beautiful, and amazing, in your inside and in your outside. Penny, I think I'm in love too. Mark smiles and kisses Penny again.

The next day Dj and Teddy were walking down the hallway when Coach Beiste stops them. Coach Beiste, Hey you pinky guys! Dj, Yes Coach? Coach, Charlotte sent me to tell you that you will share lines in Today 4 U. Teddy, Share lines? Coach, That means you will sing more. Teddy, Cool! Dj, It was my solo! Coach, I'm sorry, but now I have to buy a coffee to Luke. Teddy, Coffee? Coach, I hate those guys. Teddy, Dj, don't be upset, as the song says Today 4 U, tomorrow for me. Dj, It is not the same, in this case it is, today for you, and tomorrow to. Dj walks away. And teddy starts singing.

Teddy: Today for you
Tomorrow for me
Today for you
Tomorrow for me

Dj: It was my lucky day today on Avenue A
When a lady in a limousine drove my way
She said
"Dahling, be a dear -- Haven't slept in a year
I need your help to make my neighbor's yappy dog disappear"

Teddy: "This Akita-Evita just won't shut up
I believe if you play non-stop that pup
Will breathe its very last high-strung breath
I'm certain that cur will bark itself to death"

Dj: Today for you
Tomorrow for me
Today for you
Tomorrow for me

Teddy: We agreed on a fee
A thousand dollar guarantee
And a bonus if I trim her tree

Dj: Now who could foretell that it would go so well
But sure as I am here
That dog is now in doggy hell

Teddy: After an hour -- Evita --
In all her glory

Dj: On the window ledge of that 23rd story
Like Thelma and Louise did when they got the blues
Swan dove into the courtyard of the Gracie Mews

Teddy: Today for you

Dj: Tomorrow for me

Teddy: Today for you

Dj: Tomorrow for me

Dj: Sing it!

Both: Today for you
Tomorrow for me
Today for you
Tomorrow for me
Today for you
Tomorrow for me
Today for you
Tomorrow for me

The song ends with them getting in the Choir Room sharing a kiss. The bell rings and the kids start getting in the Choir Room. Ashton, Everybody ws staring at you like weirds. Caro, Singing a gay song at the half of the hallway is not normal. Will gets in. Will, Charlie, Jade take it from the top. Jade, What? Will, Emma told me you have to practice a little more Another Day. Jade, I don't feel well for practicing. Will, Hit It!

Charlie: Who do you think you are?
Barging in on me and my guitar
Little girl -- hey
The door is that way
You better go you know
The fire's out anyway
I should tell you, I should tell you
I should tell you, I should -- no!

Jade: The heart may freeze
Or it can burn
The pain will ease
If I can learn
There is no future
There is no past
I live this moment as my last

Both: There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss
No other road
No other way
No day but today

Both: Another time -- another place
The words would only rhyme
We'd be in outer space
It'd be another song
We'd sing another way
You wanna prove me wrong?
Come back another day
Another day

Jade: There's only yes
Only tonight
We must let go
To know what's right
No other course
No other way
No day but today

Jade and New Directions: I can't control
My destiny

I trust my soul
My only goal is just
To be

Charlie: Control your temper
She doesn't see
Who says that there's a soul?
Just let me be...

New Directions: No day but today
No day but today
No day but today
No day but today
No day but today

Charlie: Take your powder
Take your candle
Take your brown eyes
Your pretty smile
Your silhouette

Jade and Charlie with New Directions: Another time, another place
Another rhyme, a warm embrace
Another dance, another way
Another chance, another day

It ends with Jade and Charlie almost kissing, but Charlie leaves the Choir Room. Chuck, You all have to admit it, it was powerful and amazing. Dj, Yes it was.

Later Jade was with her head inside her locker and Charlie gets by. Charlie, Jade? Jade hits her head with the locker. Jade, Oh my God! Charlie, Are you ok? Jade, Yes. Both, I'm sorry. They share a hug. Jade, I was so stupid. Charlie, So did I. You know what? Jade, What? Charlie, Follow me. Jade, Ok. Charlie takes Jade to the auditorium. Charlie, I know I've sung many love songs to you, but now I want to express what I want for our lifes. Jade, What? Charlie, This song will explain more what I feel.

New Directions Girls: Don't go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me

Charlie: I wasn't jealous before we met
Now every man that I see is a potential threat
And I'm possessive, it isn't nice
You've heard me saying that smoking was my only vice
But now it isn't true
Now everything is new
And all I've learned
Has overturned
I beg of you

Jade: Don't go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me

It was like shooting a sitting duck
A little small talk, a smile and baby I was stuck
I still don't know what you've done with me
A grown-up woman should never fall so easily
I feel a kind of fear
When I don't have you near
I skip my pride
I beg you dear

Charlie: Don't go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me

ND Boys: Don't go sharing your devotion
Lay all your love on me

Jade: I've had a few little love affairs
They didn't last very long and they've been pretty scarce

Charlie: I used to think that was sensible
It makes the truth even more incomprehensible

Jade: 'Cause everything is new
And everything is you
And all I've learned
Has overturned
What can I do?

Charlie with ND Boys: Don't go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me
Don't go sharing your devotion
Lay all your love on me

Jade with ND Girls: Don't go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me
Don't go sharing your devotion
Lay all your love on me

New Directions: Lay all your love on me

The song ends with Charlie and Jade kissing. Charlie, I love you, and that will never change. Jade, Thank you, you're the best thing in my life. They kiss again.

The openning night came and the kids were getting ready backstage. Abi, Where is my bra? Caro, You have it in your hand. Abi, Thank you. Charlotte, Guys, guys I just wanted to say, you will kill them. Luke, In the good way. Charlotte, You're the best RENT cast I've ever seen. Luke, And the only one. Charlotte, Shut Up! Charlie, Charlotte, everything we have done is because of you. Luke, And me. Jade, And you deserve this. They give flowers to Charlotte. Charlotte, Oh my God, they're beautiful. Luke, What about me? Chuck, You suck dude. Everyone stay silence for a while. Chuck, We're kidding we have flowers for you too. Luke, Yay. Abi, Just one thing, we want your blonde hair back. Mike gets by. Guys, You just have five more minutes. Rachel, I remember when they told us that when we did West Side Story. Mike, We don't have time for memories. Rachel, Thank you. Acoustic Rush get in. Darren, Good luck guys. Charlie, Thank you, and the same to you. Darren, Thanks. Rose, I'm really nervous. Lily, We are all nervous. Rose, Please shut up. Ashton, One more minute. Jade, Good luck. Charlie, You'll be there so I don't need it. They kiss. Rachel, Thirty seconds. Abi, I lost my bra again. Caro, It stills in your hand. Luke, Twenty seconds. All stare at the courtain. Charlotte, Ten seconds. Charlie, Yes!

Mark, No please no, Not tonight please no, Mister -- can't you go --, Not tonight -- can't have a scene. Charlie, What? Mark, Go, please go; You -- Hello, sir -- I said, "No", Important customer. Daniel, What am I -- just a blur? Mark, You sit all night -- you never buy! Daniel, That's a lie -- that's a lie, I had a tea the other day. Mark, You couldn't pay. Daniel, Oh yeah. Teddy, Benjamin Coffin III -- here? Mark, Oh no! All, Wine and beer! Abi, The enemy of Avenue A, We'll stay (They sit) Mark, Oy vey! Teddy, What brings the mogul in his own mind to the Life Cafe? Chuck, I would like to propose a toast, To Maureen's noble try, It went well. Abi, Go to hell. Chuck, Was the yuppie scum stomped, Not counting the homeless, How many tickets weren't comped. Charlie, Why did Muffy-- Chuck, Alison. Charlie, Miss the show? Chuck, There was a death in the family
If you must know.

Dj: Who died?

Chuck: Our Akita

Chuck, Daniel, Dj and Teddy: Evita

Chuck: They make fun -- yet I'm the one
Attempting to do some good
Or do you really want a neighborhood
Where people piss on your stoop every night?
Bohemia, Bohemia's
A fallacy in your head
This is Calcutta
Bohemia is dead

(The BOHEMIANS immediately begin to enact a mock funeral, with MARK delivering the "eulogy.")

Daniel: Dearly beloved we gather here to say our goodbyes

Teddy and Charlie: Dies irae -- dies illa
Kyrie eleison
Yitgadal v' yitkadash, etc.

Daniel: Here she lies
No one knew her worth
The late great daughter of mother earth
On this night when we celebrate the birth
In that little town of Bethlehem
We raise our glass -- you bet your ass to --
(Abi flashes hers.)
La vie Boheme

All: La vie Boheme
La vie Boheme
La vie Boheme
La vie Boheme

Daniel: To days of inspiration
Playing hookie, making something out of nothing
The need to express --
To communicate,
To going against the grain,
Going insane
Going mad
To loving tension, no pension
To more than one dimension,
To starving for attention,
Hating convention, hating pretension
Not to mention of course,
Hating dear old mom and dad

All: La vie Boheme
La vie Boheme
(Caro enters.)

Austynn: Ahhemm

Abi: Hey Mister -- she's my sister

Mark: So that's five miso soup, four seaweed salad
Three soy burger dinner, two tofu dog platter
And one pasta with meatless balls

Conner: Ugh

Teddy: It tastes the same

Jade: If you close your eyes

Mark: And thirteen orders of fries
Is that it here?

All: Wine and beer!

Jade and Dj: To hand-crafted beers made in local breweries
To yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese
To leather, to dildos, to curry vindaloo
To huevos rancheros and Maya Angelou

Abi and Teddy: Emotion, devotion, to causing a commotion
Creation, vacation

Abi and Teddy: Compassion, to fashion, to passion when it's new

Teddy: To Sontag

Dj: To Sondheim

Teddy and Charlie: Ginsberg, Dylan, Cunningham and Cage

Teddy: Lenny Bruce

Charlie: Langston Hughes

Abi: To the stage

Lily: To Uta

Marla: To Buddha

Thea: Pablo Neruda, too

Daniel and Jade: Why Dorothy and Toto went over the rainbow
To blow off Auntie Em

All: La vie Boheme

(JOANNE returns.)

Abi: And wipe the speakers off before you pack

Caro: Yes, Maureen

Caro: Well -- hurry back

(MAUREEN and JOANNE kiss.)

Conner: Sisters?

Abi: We're close

(ANGEL jumps on top of COLLINS, who's on the table. They kiss.)

Dj, Teddy, Abi, Daniel and Conner: Brothers!

All: To apathy, to entropy, to empathy, ecstasy
Vaclav Havel -- The Sex Pistols, 8BC,
To no shame -- never playing the Fame Game

ALL La vie Boheme

Teddy: In honor of the death of Bohemia an impromptu salon will commence immediately following dinner...
Mimi Marquez, clad only in bubble wrap, will perform her famous lawn chair-handcuff dance to the sounds of iced tea being stirred.

Charlie: Mark Cohen will preview his new documentary about his inability to hold an erection on high holy days.

(ROGER picks up an electric guitar and starts to tune it.)

Daniel: Maureen Johnson, back from her spectacular one-night engagement at the eleventh street lot,
Will sing native american tribal chants backwards through her vocoder,
While accompanying herself on the electric cello --
Which she has never studied.

Jade: Excuse me -- did I do something wrong?
I get invited -- then ignored -- all night long

Charlie: I've been trying -- I'm not lying
No one's perfect. I've got baggage

Jade: Life's too short, babe, time is flying
I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine

Charlie: I should tell, you --

Jade: I've got baggage too

Charlie: I should tell you --

Jade: I got baggage, too

Charlie: I should tell you --

Charlie and Jade: Baggage - wine --

All: And beer!

All the audience was really excited by their performance. The courtain closes. Luke, Caro you can stand up now. Caro, I can't. Abi, Come on! Caro, I think I broke my leg.

Will, Caro what happened? Caro, I don't know, it hurts. Charlotte, Penny! Penny, Yes? Charlotte, You're our new Joanne. Penny, Oh my God really? Luke, Yes. Penny, But I won't kiss Abi right? Abi, What?! I kiss really good. Charlotte, That's discusting, Penny go and put on Caro's clothes. Penny, Ok. Luke, Which scene is next? Ashton, The big bed scene. Charlotte, Guys hurry up! Jade, This scene is your last scene. Dj, Yes, I hate that, I hate that my character dies. Jade, Dj, you're white. Dj, I feel a little bit bad, but it's ok. Come on let's go to bed. The courtain opens and the kids were all in different beds, when they take out the blanket Teddy feels that Dj is cold. It was time of Dj to sing. Teddy, Dj hurry up. Dj doesn't move. Teddy, Dj? Dj? Dj was totally freeze. Teddy, Guys Dj died. Charlotte, Close the courtain, now! The kids get by the bed were Teddy and Dj were and Dj was freeze. Abi, Holly crap! Charlotte, Call the 911. Luke, Got it! The audience was in shock because the kids closed the courtain. Teddy, Dj, please don't die! The boys carry him to the exit. Charlotte, Guys I know is not time for it, but it is time for it, the show most go on. Charlie, Let's jump all this scenes and do the Finale B number. Charlotte, Charlie, you know it is openning night right? Charlie, I don't care! We have to go with Dj. Charlotte, Charlie? Charlie, Sorry, is that I don't know what to do in this situations. Charlotte, Let's act and don't sing, like that we will have more time. Charlie, Deal. After all the act two the kids moved on with the show and they just sing some parts of the songs. Luke, Alright the last number comes in sixty! Abi, Minutes? Charlie, Ready? Jade, Yes, Conner did a good job as Collins. Charlie, Yes, I'm nervous I feel like people doesn't like it. Jade, Don't worry. Luke, Go out guys!

Daniel: There is no future -
There is no past

Charlie: Thank God
This moment's not the last

Jade and Charlie: There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss

All: No other road no other way
No day but today

Jade with Girls: I can't control
My destiny
I trust my soul
My only goal
Is just to be

Charlie with Boys: Will I lose my dignity
Will someone care
Will I wake tomorrow
From this nightmare

Jade with Girls: Without you
The hand gropes
The ear hears
The pulse beats
Life goes on
But I'm gone
'Cause I die
Without you
I die without you
I die without you
No day but today
I die without you

Charlie with Boys: There's only now
There's only here
Give in to love
Or live in fear
No other path
No other way
No day but today
No day but today
No day but today
No day but today

All: No day but today

The audience enjoyed the performance and the kids were all together in the stage.

Songs Edit

Take Me Or Leave Me from RENT: Sung by Abi and Caro.

Today 4 U from RENT: Sung by Dj and Teddy.

Another Day from RENT: Sung by Jade and Charlie with New Directions.

Lay All Your Love On Me from Mamma Mia!: Sung by Charlie and Jade with New Directions.

La Vie Bohéme from RENT: Sung by Abi, Caro, Jade, Daniel, Dj and New Directions and Acoustic Rush. Finale B from RENT: Sung by Jade, Charlie and Daniel with New Directions.

Trivia Edit

Caro and Abi just sung Maureen's mpart of the song.

Mark gave Penny her first kiss.

This is the secong time Take Me Or Leave Is Performed. And both times Caro has been part of it.

The Finale song was cut from the episode.

Cast Edit

Abbie Lynn Montello as Abi Lynn Lopez

BrittanaAndKlaineLover as Caroline Caro Underwood

Camsay as Charles Chuck Salvatore

ArpickgLeeker as Charlie John CJ Thompson

Laurakeee as Charlotte Scott

Dancinkc137 as Conner Dawson

Tyboy618 as Darren Jamie Groen

ArashiKagami as David Dj Pierce

QuinnQuinn as Jade Weaters

xIamAweSam as Lucas Luke Hamilton

ArpickgLeeker as Mark Criss

Rossidaniella as Rose Weiner

ArashiKagami as Theodore Teddy Stilinski

The blue eyes girl as Victoria Tori James

Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester

Harry Shum Jr. as Mike Chang

Klainer 619 as Ashton Scott

Wicked.Renthead-Gleek as Daniel Strong

Samchelfan as Penny Lefebvre

TaylorSwift-Finchelfan as Austynn Bledsoe

SamAndQuinnForever123 as Lily-Anne Rivers

Randomseddiemoments as Marla Kate

Theunitedstateofme as Theadora Thea Mapp

Lea Michele as Rachel Berry

Dot Jones as Coach Beiste