Courtney Wintour
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General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: George Wintour (Father)

Victoria Wintour (Mother)

Chelsea Wintour (Sister)

Craig Wintour (Brother)

Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Daniel Stowe
Friends: New Direction Kids
Series Information
First appearance: Lights, Drama And More Drama
Portrayer: Leighton Meester
Courtney Wintour is a character in the fanfiction Glee: A New Beginning.


Was born in San Fransico and had lived there for years. Her family seemed to be seemingly perfect to everyone not in it. The truth was that her parents constantly fighted and it all hit a breaking point when her father George found out her mom Victoria was cheating on him with the pool boy. He left her immediatly after, and in a bitter custody battle, he won Courtney, her brother Craig, and her sister Chelsea, and took them to Lima. Courtney speent her freshmen year hidden in the shadows, depressed over losing her mother and thinking her dad was the bad guy. During her sophmore year, she learned that her mother had been cheating on her father with a younger man, that her mom didnt want anything to do with them and that after she got married to some guy 6 years older than Courtney from New York, she would stop all connections with Courtney, Craig, and Chelsea. Furious, Courtneys heart grew cold and she soon got the desire to become the perfect girl her mother had wanted. She joined the Cheerios, started dating the hottest guy in school, and became know as the easiest girl in school. Inside, she was ashamed with what she became, but she kept up this act. Soon her old self, a sweet girl who wouldnt say anything cruel to anyone, disappeared and the Courtney that was cruel and bitchy was in full control.



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